How Does Gutter Cleaning Pricing Work?

When most home gutter cleaning companies determine the price, the difficulty and time required are the two factors first considered. The difficulty of each job is determined by the size of the gutter system and how high the house is. The other thing that could make a home gutter cleaning job more difficult is any obstructions such as bushes or swimming pools. The time that it will take is calculated and the cost is determined. Read more below...

Find Out What Impacts Gutter Cleaning Prices

There is not a single answer for how much home gutter cleaning services should cost. There are many factors that need to be considered to determine the cost of home gutter cleaning. Ultimately the time required and the equipment required will determine the final cost. There are several factors that can impact the time and equipment requirement, which is why we usually request a site visit preceding our price quotes. The size of the building, the type of the building, and all the other factors mentioned in this article are taken into consideration.

"Gutter Cleaning Cost
The national average for cleaning gutters is $158 or between $118 and $225. Single-story homes may cost between $70 and $200. Two-story homes range between $90 and $225 per job. Three or more stories may cost an additional $75 to $200 per service. Traditionally, cleaning services follow a per linear foot pricing model, charging $1 per linear foot on single-story homes and $2 per linear foot on two-story homes. Clean your gutters either one to three times annually depending on climate, whether you have covers and the number of trees near your home. Do you need help getting it done that often? Find a gutter cleaning service near you."

Length Of Home Gutter System & Roof Height

The bigger the total size of the roof will mean more area for our gutter technicians to clean. The reason for this element to be taken into consideration is pretty straight forward. The bigger the roof, the more expensive the price quote. If the home, or the roof is smaller than average, the gutters will be easier for our team to clean. Also the height of the building plays a big role. If the gutter cleaning team needs additional or specialty equipment, the charge will generally increase. 

Single-Story Home

National Avg: $152

Two-Story Home

National Avg: $197

Three-Stories or More

National Avg: $340

Downspout Cleaning


How Much Debris Need To Be Cleared

The price of home gutter cleaning service will also depend on the current condition of the gutter system. If a long time has passed between getting your gutters cleaned, the cost may increase due to the quantity of debris. Another factor that could increase the cost is any recent wind storms that could have cost leaves to clog the gutter system. The gutter system should be cleared and cleaned at least (2) to (4) times per year. Getting on a gutter cleaning service plan is a great way to keep costs low.

Do You Have Gutter Guards Installed

If there are gutter guards installed, our gutter technicians will need to remove each guard when cleaning. This process is time consuming and will add time. Typically when these gutter guards are installed, it is done using metal screws or specialty ties. Regardless of how these screens are mounted to the gutter system, it takes time to remove them. When the team is finished cleaning the gutter system, they must reinstall the gutter guards. 

Even though the gutter guards are meant to stop any debris or leaves from entering the gutter, the gutter system should still be cleaned. Eventually the leaves which are stopped from entering decompose and create compost within the gutter system.

Are There Any Safety Concerns

The angle of the roof can make certain jobs more difficult than others. A roof with a steep pitch can make it more difficult for the team to navigate the roof. A flat roof is much easier to clean than a roof with a steep angle. Gutter cleaners need to be careful when working on roofs and be alert of soft spots that could cause them to fall through. If the roof is in poor condition, the gutter cleaners will need to slow down and take extra caution.

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