How Often Should I Clean My Home Gutters?

When it comes to most houses in Charlotte, (4) cleanings per year, or once every (3) months is usually recommended. The surrounding tree coverage will play a big part in helping determine how often your home gutter system should be cleaned. Taking advantage of a gopher gutter service plan is a great way to avoid having to worry about it! Another factor to consider is how important home gutter cleaning is. Read more below...

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important

Home gutter cleaning is one of the most essential tasks for preventative maintenance. Keeping your home gutter system clean will help avoid water damage, ice damming, and pest infiltration. Some of the hazards that result from neglecting your home gutter system are more obvious than others. I bet you did not realize that pest infestations could become a problem!

How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned

In most cases with Charlotte home owners, it is recommended to clean the home gutter system 4 times per year. The amount of trees, and which types of trees surround the home are big factors to take into consideration. If your house is surrounded by pine trees, it might make sense to clean your gutters every (3) months. If there is less surrounding tree coverage, you will most likely not need that many cleanings per year. 

Wind Storms & Heavy Rains

Wind storms and heavy rains can create a sense of urgency with gutter maintenance service. If the home gutter system was not properly cleaned and maintained preceding the storm, the clogged gutters could become weighed down and tear away from the structure. If the waters intended route of travel is blocked, the water may run inside your home. Flood damages can cause problems to the foundation as well as the sheet rock. If your home is surrounded by trees, it is a smart choice to have your gutter system checked preceding big weather events.

Pests, Rodents, & Clogged Home Gutters

Pooling water inside your home gutter system can create a safe place for rodents and bugs to start their families. Long Islands most common pest problem is mosquito's breeding in the home gutter system. Another pest to keep an eye out for is the carpenter ants that like to feed off of debris inside the home gutter system. Having the gutters checked regularly is the best way to avoid having any pests move in.

Having Your Home Gutter System Cleaned

Cleaning the home gutter system the right way is a very involved task. Having the right protective gear is the first step. You will need to find yourself a pair of protective gloves, a dust mask, and it is recommended to wear safety glasses while cleaning. The home gutter system will usually put a lot of dust into the air when being cleaned. Keeping those dust particles out of your lungs and eyes is important. The most important piece of equipment needed for home gutter cleaning is the ladder. If you are doing the job with out help, it is recommended to have stabilizing equipment to keep you and your ladder safe. 

It is recommended to use a bucket with a garbage bag liner when removing debris from the home gutter systems. This will help keep everything that was pulled out of the home gutter system from polluting the property or making the building dirty. Once all the debris have been pulled out, it is a smart idea to flush the home gutter system using the home hose system. The water will push any fine particles down the downspout. Using a power washer or other high pressure water system will help speed things up, but will require extra care when using to avoid damaging the home gutter system. 

Some home owners consider not using a professional grade ladder and choose to walk or crawl the roof. This option is just not safe and should never be considered. The ladder provides you with a stable and safe surface to stand on. The roof top material is not meant for traction, this can create a very slippery surface for you to work on.

Hire Gopher Gutters To Clean Your Home

Most home owners hire companies to clean their home gutter system. Without the professional training and the right equipment, cleaning your home gutter system may not feel like a safe job. If you find cleaning your home gutter system to be intimidating, you can always call the gopher gutters team for help. We specialize in home gutter cleaning services. We will be happy to assist in anyway we can with your home gutter system.

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