Home Gutter Cleaning Service Plans From Gopher Gutters

Sign up for a service plan and save money on all of your home maintenance projects. The cost of each gutter cleaning is discounted, membership perks also include discounts on all of our other home services.

We Offer Three Home Gutter Service Plan Options

Pick Either Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C.

Gopher Gutter Service Plan


Check out all the free perks and benefits that come with a gopher gutters cleaning plan. The work will need to be done, make the smart choice to save money today! 

Service Agreement Discount$60$50$30$0
Scheduled Cleanings6421
Same Day Emergency Service$79.99
Next Day Emergency Service$49.99
Priority Schedule Slot$44.99
Renewal Pricing Locked In
Roof Sweeping$34.99
Minor Repairs, Gutters Nailed$34.99
Discount For Power Washing20%15%10%
Discount For Roof Washing15%10%5%
Discount For Windows Cleaning15%10%5%

Spring cleanings will take place in March-April, summer cleanings in June-July, early fall cleanings in September-October and late fall cleanings in November-December.

*NOTE... Gopher Gutter Cleaning will provide scheduled cleanings automatically; therefore, please note any specific instructions, requirements for property access, etc.
SERVICE: Includes gutter cleaning, debris removal from roof, flushing of downspouts and minor repairs.

There are two options for payment. The first is to pay after each cleaning. If you choose this option, you can pay in-person, or a bill will be left in your mailbox after each cleaning. The second option is pay the entire balance up-front when you return your signed program. Discounts, such as seasonal coupons, are automatically deducted from invoices, when applicable.

Cancel at any time. This is NOT a binding contract, there is absolutely no charge.

Please keep the yellow customer copy for your records. Mail the original white copy to Gopher Gutter Cleaning P.O. Box 1273, Bellmore, NY, 11710. 

"Here at Gopher Gutters the service plans we offer will keep you on schedule, and they come with some really great free perks. The cost of each gutter cleaning is reduced, minor repairs are included, and the roof gets cleaned. The best part is you do not even have to be home!"

Daniel Isser
Owner & Ceo

March Cleaning

Your home gutters and leaders are recommended to be cleaned, flushed, and inspected every March. It is usually the heavy snow and winter debris that rest on your gutters for months which can cause damage. The tree branches, and other debris will cause a clog in your gutters. With our heavy rain season in early spring, we strongly encourage our customers to be prepared.

Spring Cleaning

During the months of May and June, our Long Island trees start to reproduce. Oak tassels, seed pods, buds, “leaf helicopters”, ragweed, and other debris from close by trees can cause blockage. Clogs can eventually lead to gutter damage and water damage to your home. Make sure your gutters and leaders are cleaned, flushed and inspected before the summer thunderstorms begin.

Summer Service

Our Charlotte summer thunder storms cause large, heavy debri from trees, along with branches and twigs to fall into the gutter system. These debris can be seen on the ground after every heavy rain, which means that is fell into your gutters too! This is the main cause of gutters to go off pitch, damaging your home and the foundation. Make sure to clean your gutters and leaders every August!

Fall  Service

Debris starts to fall in early October, and continues through January. We recommend 3 cleanings through out the season. October, November, and December. These three cleanings keep your home gutter system in top shape and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your home gutter system will be kept clean through our Charlotte fall season.


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