Why Is Cleaning My Home Gutter System A Smart Move?

Cleaning your home gutter system is a critical step in preventative maintenance. The obvious problems that can occur from poor home gutter system maintenance include overflowing or blocked gutters. Most home owners are surprised to find out about all of the other issues that can arise if you are not properly cleaning your home gutter system. Rodents can start building nests...

It Is Smart To Clean Your Gutters And Avoid Costly Repairs 

Spending your day cleaning debris out of your home gutter system is most likely not the family activity most preferred on the weekend. Never the less, cleaning your home gutter system of debris and unwanted material is critical in helping the water move away from your home. 

What may be a day of cleaning can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs down the line. The damage that can be caused from backed up gutters includes flooding of the interior, damage to the foundation, and it also creates a great home for new pests!

There is no way for us to make gutter cleaning sound like a fun and exciting weekend, but we can advise you on why it is important and the best way to get it done!

So Why Do I Need To Clean My Gutters

Home gutter systems are designed to collect all the rainwater from the homes roof. The goal of the home gutter system is to guide water through the downspout and away from the homes foundation. In order for your home gutter system to function properly, it must be clean and cleared of debris. Having a clogged home gutter system could result in overflowing water and floods.

When the water does not have a place to go, the first thing that normally happens is the gutter becomes weighed down. Once the gutter becomes too heavy for the mounting hardward to support, the gutter will start to tear away from the home. But this is just the beginning of the problems that are bound to happen if the problem is not fixed. The amount of water the home gutter system can hold will begin to seep into the interior walls of the home. If the foundation is already in poor condition, or weathered over time, expect tens of thousands of dollars in bills to repair. The structural integrity of the foundation is at risk, but home owners also run the risk of developing mold if not handled quickly.

The added weight of the clogged and saturated gutter system could even cause damage to your homes roof. When the gutter system starts to pull away from the house, it puts an added strain on your homes fascia boards. This could possibly collapse your entire roof or cause a few shingles to become unattached.

In summary: Having your gutters cleaned regularly is important.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Gutters

Now that you have been better educated on the importance of home gutter cleaning, we are sure you are wondering how to make sure your home is safe. Channeling all that water away from the home is super important in avoiding costly repairs. Setting up a ladder every month to check would be an exhausting task to repeat.

Most professionals on Long Island would recommend cleaning your home gutter system at least (2) times per year. Most homes in Long Island are best protected when cleaned (4) times per year. In most cases a cleaning in the Spring, and a cleaning in the Fall will help keep your home safe. 

The frequency of home gutter cleaning becomes even more important when living in an area with colder winters. If the water is not able to properly drain, ice damming can occur, which is incredibly heavy for your home gutter system to support. This build up of water and ice might even get underneath your shingles causing them to lift and separate. You may want to check your home gutters before any big winter storms, especially if you have not been properly maintaining them.

It is also a good idea to check the home gutter system after any severe storms. Wind can be just as damaging as heavy rain, so do not underestimate the potential detriment of those heavy winds! When windy storms or heavy rain occur, the close by branches, leaves, and other debris could find their way into and clog your home gutter system.

We know this sounds like a lot to keep up with, but home gutter cleaning is something that needs to be done. Spending the money to hire professionals will be much less expensive than not maintaining it. If you are not excited to climb a ladder and get your hands dirty, consider hiring the team at gopher gutters.

How Much Does Home Gutter Cleaning Cost

If you choose to hire a professional company to clean your home gutters, knowing the national average cost for home gutter cleaning is $151.00 can help in negotiations. The costs associated with home gutter cleaning are subjective to the home being cleaned. Single story homes usually end up costing around $90 where two story and taller homes usually start at $325.

The other factors that will have an impact on price are the size of the home being cleaned, the current condition of your homes gutters, and the condition of the downspouts. Usually home gutter cleaning companies will take care of minor repairs as they service your cleaning. When new or replacement parts are required, the fees are usually added and itemized on your cleaning bill.

There are options to cut the cost of gutter cleaning services. Consider hiring professionals in their off season. The best way to save money is to sign up for a service plan and receive a discount.

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